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Audi A4 '07
Audi 80 '93
VW Syro Camper '74
VW Passat B1a '74
VW K70 '72
VW beetle '68

VW beetle '68 - aka "The Fast silverside"


This bug was original, came from its first owners and it had its restoration in 2003. Now I'm transforming it bit by bit to an oldschool style drive. Empi, Smiths, VDO, H&B, Porsche, etc parts from the 60 & very early 70's are to be found in the car.


At the moment:


Inside: H&B Speedometer, Smith Voltmeter & Temperature meter, Blaupunkt Deluxe audioset built '68, Empi T bone shifter and NOS cigar lighter.

Outside: NOS Empi Front scoop

Wheels: 5.5 inch 914 Porsche riviera's

Suspension: Empi dual coil springs and oil schock absorbers (raising the car 4cm higher than original)

Engine: 1300 oldschool racer with to many specs but here are some ...


Powered NOS 8mm AB


Nitrated 69,5mm Okrasa


200mm Denzel

Bronze finished bearings with W100 balanced Engle camshaft



... yet to continue ...












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